Matthæusgade 18 KLD

1666 Vesterbro



Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat: 10am-17pm
Mail: Open 24/7

+45 42 48 02 19


If you want to:
Order Bad Boy Coffee Liqueur.

Fire up some suggestion - Love them suggestions!

Just talk about stuff.

It tastes like angel tears and kicks like a mountain goat. It's made from top notch quality beans from Colombia and Brazil, roasted and cold brewed by the hands of a wizard in the magical city of Copenhagen.

Want it?

Bad Boy

has landed

So bad but such good drinks

White Russian

4 cl Bad Boy

2 cl damn fine vodka

Fatty milk and plenty of ice

Espresso Martini

4 cl Bad Boy

4 cl delish vodka

4 cl espresso

Shake it like a paint mixer

Bad Boy Fizz

4 cl Bad Boy

2 cl vodka

2 cl Lemon juice

Fill up with sparkling water

Ice, ice, ice to the max